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Marine equipment

We supply Korean Machinery Equipment such as Air conditioner, Air dryer, Marine crane and Accommodation Ladder,
STP(Sewage Treatment Plant for Marine), Life Boat, Air Compressor and so on.
We can supply these equipments as low price and short delivery time rapidly to you based on good relationship with
Korea manufacturers

Spare Parts for Diesel Engine and Machinery

We provide Engine Spare Parts from HYUNDAI, DOOSAN, STX, MAN and so on.
Of course, all parts which supplied from us are Genuine. We don't consider supplying imitation parts to our customers.
We also provide Korea Machinery Spare Parts as Best price & delivery time based on good relationship with
Korea Equipment manufacturers.

Engineering Service

Our specialists have great experience in the Marine & Shore Field.
We are capable of performing all kinds of technical service regarding 2 & 4 stroke Engine, Electric and Automation systems.
We can suggest the exact solution for technical problem to you swiftly.